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Browse through our selection of Styles and Finishes.  Just ask us if you can't find your ideal Finish and Style combination, as we offer more than what's shown below.

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Flat Panel

Flat Panel is a truly modern design.  It's sleek overall look with crisp edge-banded finish add a touch of modern sophistication to your home.  Flat Panel is available in all 11 colors. Shown here is Flat Panel in our Chocolate Pear finish. 



A beautiful and simple design, Modern is a Thermofused Melamine finish that wraps around the edges.  Similar to Flat Panel but with a more rounded, softer look.  Modern is available in all 11 colors.  Shown here is Modern in our Concrete finish.



Pillowtop is a simple and stylish design with soft-beveled edges.  It is a Thermofused Melamine finish similar to Modern, with an added dimension in it's beveled edges.  This unique design is available in all 11  colors. Shown here is Pillowtop in our Candlelight finish.


Raised Panel

Raised Panel  is a traditional and classic design.  Precisely routed to create a refined design that is suitable to any style,  whether it be a more traditional or modern look.  This Thermofused Melamine finish is available in all 11 beautiful colors. Shown here is Raised Panel in our Warm Cognac finish.



Shaker is a classic 5-piece door and drawer front finished in Edgebanded Melamine.  This mix of traditional and contemporary will draw attention in any home.  Available in all 11 colors, shown here is Shaker in our Licorice finish.



This classic, time-honored door and drawer front is a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary. Made using a 5-piece structure this design can be used in any space, available in 10 beautiful colors, Milan will truly stand out within the style of any home.  Shown here is Milan in our Mahogany finish.



A variation of the shaker style drawer and door fronts, Allegra is a modest, yet sophisticated design made using a 5-piece front.  Available in 10 colors, Allegra is appropriate for any style home from traditional to modern. Shown here is Allegra in our Arctic finish.


One Piece Shaker

This style is chic with a hint of charming detail and similar to the Shaker Style but with less dividing lines.  Shown here in our textured Ash finish.

Slim Shaker

Slim Shaker

Another variation of the shaker style, Slim Shaker has a larger center surface area to show off your beautiful finish, framed with fine detailed edges.  Shown here in our Blush finish.

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